The competences

Individual Defense

German criminal law is based on the personal responsibility of individuals. Therefore, individual defence is one of the main areas of our law firm.

Feigen · Graf provides legal support to and coordinates proceedings of its clients. We represent our clients’ interests in dealings with investigating authorities. The pressure caused by a preliminary proceeding is huge. We therefore aim for prompt settlement with minimal public attention and minimal disruption to our client. However, should it come to a trial, we have many years of litigation experience.


Corporate Representation

Companies have increasingly become the focus of preliminary investigations by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Unexpected visits by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the police, and tax authorities, are becoming more common. The investigating authorities have been searching offices and production facilities, as well as confiscating business documents and electronic data, often leading to significant disturbances. In some cases, forfeitures have been ordered and significant fines have been imposed.

We also coordinate the complex criminal proceedings where multiple employees or even the whole business practices of a company become the focus of investigating authorities.


Preventive counselling in criminal matters has increasingly come into focus in recent years. The demands on risk management are growing.

Feigen · Graf has many years of experience in preventive counselling. We advise numerous large corporations and midsize companies in drafting and implementing compliance programs. We further provide compliance training for employees.

Feigen · Graf also supports companies in the process of so-called internal investigations.